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Visual Countdown for open text field length

This will show you how to add a twitter like character count down on to any open question within your survey. First off we want to enable the jquery library in your survey. Survey themes, select the one you are using. In the external Javascript URL paste this address into it //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js This script will […]

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Number of rows for Open text list

This is how to set the number of rows required by using a numberic field within the survey. Question 1 – open number field – Ask fior the number of something required Question 2 – open text list Question 2 – Masking – nset(f(‘Question1’).get()) Question 2 – Trigger – Question1   Once the number is entered […]

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Question Validation Codes

Date picker, has to be X days in the future from today Exact date is a picker for the user, change anything in bold to fit your needs   var a = f(“exact_date“).toDate(); var today : DateTime = DateTime.Now; var todayPlus7 : DateTime = today.AddDays(7);   if(a < todayPlus7) {      RaiseError();     […]

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