July 22, 2024


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Check open VS value in dropdown

This code will check an open test field and compare results in a drop down list, this will ensure that no duplicate data is added into the DB. The drop down is populated from a Database table
var qn = f(CurrentForm());
  var lookupQn = f(‘HiddensinglewiththeDBtable‘);
  var codes = lookupQn.domainValues();
  var consultantFound = false;
  //go through each table lookup record
  for(var i = 0; i < codes.length; i++)
    //set lookup question so that we can grab the label value
    //grab label
    var consultant =  lookupQn.valueLabel();
    //grab user entered value
    var userInput = qn.get();
    //make both inputs lowercase
    consultant = consultant.toLowerCase();
    userInput = userInput.toLowerCase();
    //replace the space characters (in case users press space twice by mistake)
    consultant = consultant.replace(/ /g,””);
    userInput = userInput.replace(/ /g,””);
    //check if label matches user value
    if(consultant == userInput) { consultantFound = true; }
    SetQuestionErrorMessage(2057,”This string appears to be in the dropdown list“);
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