The Bitcoin Referral Page

Here is the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency MoDCore referral page.

Below is a selection of sites to gain free coins in order of our favourite ones.

JSEcoin – Browswer Mining

Jsecoin Mining – Web Masters 

JSEcoin is great for webmasters who own a website. On this site you can mine coins using your browswer or add in script node to add javascript mining to your website.

Moon Coins

I will cover all of the moon coins in one with a selection of links below.

These are fun pages for claiming free coins, can claim every 5mins, with the amount continuously  increasing over time, leave it for long the amount goes up. Make sure to claim atleast once a day to keep the loyality bonus going. The added to this one is there a mystery bonus each claim which could increase the amount by 1% or 100% of the claim value!!
They have a page for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dashcoin

Moon Litecoin –
Moon Bitcoin –
Moon Dogecoin –
Moon Dashcoin –

Bonus Bitcoin
Bonus Bitcoin –
Roll once every 15mins with a chance of up to 5,000 satoshi  –
Roll once an hour to claim free bitcoins, also has a higher and lower game, along with a points scheme to double/triple the hourly claim

Easiest thing to do is sign up for all of these, add them to a folder in your favourites bar and right click the folder, open all in new tabs, do the clicks.