June 21, 2024


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Table Formula

Here is a simple way to target a cell’s value and divide by 7


This will target the 3rd column from where i placed he formula column.


Target a cell above, and show that value without any calculations



Table formula break down

reportal formulas 1

Formula 1 – Shows totals for the row, as only 2 fields
Type – Operators
Operator +
Reference Type – Relative
Left –  -1
Right –  -2

Formula 2 – Row percentage
Type – Expression
Expression – cellv(col-1,row)/cellv(col-1,7)
1 column to the left divided by 1 column to the left 7 rows down (the total)

Formula 3 – Column totals
Type – Expression
Expression – cellv(col,row-1)+cellv(col,row-2)+cellv(col,row-3)+cellv(col,row-4)+cellv(col,row-5)+cellv(col,row-6)



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