June 21, 2024


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Email continue later link to a user

This code will let you continue a survey later,
In the script node
var callblocklink = GetRespondentUrl(“Email progress link to Respondent”,true);
Add 3 variables, all open text-
This needs to be added to the theme of the survey in the HTML, i have this wrapped around an image/button.
<a href=”^f(‘callBlockEmailProgressLink‘)^”><img src=”/isa/KBKMCYMXLIPKGTAVDBMBMPPTGXGACBKX/Continuelater.png” vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ border=”0″ alt=”Continue later”>

Once clicked take to a new block with this script node var progresslink = GetRespondentUrl(f(“progressQn”).get(),false);

After an open to pick which email address the link will be sent to.

You will need to change the parts in bold to match what you need, the correct name for the call block and also what the image is called and where its saved.
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