June 21, 2024


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Printing from Capi – Page Breaks

How to force page breaks when printing from Capi

We have been working with printing from the Capi console (Confirmits Offline completion app). We are having to print off a results page. There is a couple of different sections ont he print out that require a start of a new page when printing.

This will show you how to force a page break to happen when using a script to build up a html page.

outputHTML += “</style>”;
outputHTML += “<p style=’page-break-before:always’>”;


Using this will force a page break before the rest of script thats building up your page.


utputHTML += “<table cellspacing=’0′ cellpadding=’0′ width=’100%’ class=’outertable avoid’>”;
outputHTML += “<tr>”;
outputHTML += “<td>”;
outputHTML += “<table cellpadding=’3′ class=’bgtable last first’>”;
outputHTML += “<th class=’siheading’><span class=’heading’>My heading</span></th>”;
outputHTML += “</p>”
outputHTML += “</tr>”;

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