December 3, 2023


Welcome to the core

Small image in survey, click to enlarge

This code will add a small image to survey page and will enlarge the image if the user clicks on it.

HTML in survey question

Style script in the instruction node –

JavaScript node –

// Get the modal
var modal = document.getElementById(‘myModal’);

// Get the image and insert it inside the modal – use its “alt” text as a caption
var img = document.getElementById(‘myImg’);
var modalImg = document.getElementById(“img01”);
var captionText = document.getElementById(“caption”);
img.onclick = function(){ = “block”;
modalImg.src = this.src;
captionText.innerHTML = this.alt;

// Get the element that closes the modal
var span = document.getElementsByClassName(“close”)[0];

// When the user clicks on (x), close the modal
span.onclick = function() { = “none”;

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