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Email continue later link to a user

This code will let you continue a survey later, In the script node var callblocklink = GetRespondentUrl(“Email progress link to Respondent”,true); f(“callBlockEmailProgressLink“).set(callblocklink); Add 3 variables, all open text- callBlockEmailProgressLink progressLink progressQn This needs to be added to the theme of the survey in the HTML, i have this wrapped around an image/button. <a href=”^f(‘callBlockEmailProgressLink‘)^”><img src=”/isa/KBKMCYMXLIPKGTAVDBMBMPPTGXGACBKX/Continuelater.png” […]

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Invite links – ^slink^

Survey Invite Links There are 4 different types of piped links to include in invite emails ·         ^slink^ – this will create the HTML for inserting a link, if used with Link text, it will display the text to click rather than link to click. This can also be HTML. This link is always HTTP. ·         ^secureslink^ […]

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Confirmit Horizons Manage the Complete Market Research and Voice of the Customer Lifecycle The Confirmit Horizons platform provides you with everything you need for end-to-end management of Voice of the Customer programs, Voice of the Employee programs, and Market Research projects. Confirmit powers Global 5000 companies and Market Research agencies worldwide with a wide range […]

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